Top 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Australia

The most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Australia are destinations which are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Australia is officially Commonwealth of Australia and consists of numerous islands along with the island of Tasmania. It is one of the most enchanting places in the world. It consists of 19 sites which have been taken under the World Heritage site. This article will help you explore the top six of these sites which are worth travelling to. So, let’s begin and traverse through these enticing sites.

1. Australian Fossil Mammal Sites

It falls under the natural category and was termed world Heritage site in the year 1992. This place was chosen as Riverleigh and Naracoorte have fossils of many animals who have been long extinct. It is also listed in the top ten richest fossil deposits found in the world. It is certainly, a place worth visiting when travelling to Australia. Moreover, the fossils found in the Australian continent show different stages of evolution of mammals. They are from the Cenozoic era. While the fossils found in Naracoorte is from Pleistocene era, a period when Humans first came to Australia.

2. Great Barrier Reef

This is of the most scenic places on Planet Earth and came under UNESCO World Heritage sites in Australia in the year 1981. It falls under the natural category and has the world’s largest coral reef system. Basically, it consists of 2,900 distinct reefs. This area also boasts of a high level of biodiversity which also makes it the richest site considering the animal diversity. Around, 400 types of corals are found over here along with being a critical habitat for many endangered species.

3. Fraser Island

This place is located in Queensland and is the world’s largest sand island. It was termed a World Heritage site under Natural category in the year 1992. It is made up of sand which has been accumulated over about 750,000 years. This place also consists of 100 freshwater lakes along with dunes which reach up to 850ft above the sea level. This place is the world’s only place where tall rainforest grows because of the presence of Mycorrhizal fungi. Visit this place and immerse yourself in the surrounding beauty.

4. Tasmanian Wilderness

This site falls into the mixed category and termed a World Heritage site in the year 1982. It covers almost 20% of Tasmania. It is termed as the world’s largest last temperate wilderness. It is one of the most remote places on the planet, and certainly a difficult place to access. According to Archaeologists, there has been evidence which suggests that aboriginal people lived in the almost 20,000 years ago. Additionally, most of the area is covered by the South West Wilderness.

5. Sydney Opera House

It is one of the most iconic landmarks of Australia. It is located in Sydney which is one of the best cities in Australia and was termed a World Heritage site in the year 2007. It is famous for its beautiful and eye-catching architecture. It is an iconic landmark of Sydney Harbor and was opened in the year 1973. It falls under the cultural category and is a famous performing arts complex.

6. Willandra Lakes Region

In the year 1981, this place was termed a World Heritage site. This place is famous for its fossilized remains of sands formation. There is archaeological evidence of humans from 45-60,000 years ago. The Lake Mungo remains are found here which is the world’s oldest cremation site. It is a place worth visiting.

Explore the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Australia and experience the beauty. This list for sure is going to render your travel plans easy.

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